The Martha's Vineyard Shellfish Group, Inc. (MVSG) is a consortium of the Shellfish Departments of the six towns on Martha's Vineyard. The Group is incorporated as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. 

For over thirty years the Group's program of community resource management has sought to preserve and expand the Island's traditional shellfisheries. Key to this effort has been the application of innovative aquaculture technology and a continuing vigilance to improve and maintain the good surface water quality crucial to a viable shellfish industry. 

The MVSG is governed by a twelve member executive board consisting of the shellfish constable and selectman's appointees from each of the six member towns. The program is under the direction of a Shellfish Biologist/Director who oversees a year round staff of two assistants and a summer staff that may increase up to six during the hatchery production season. Volunteers are also sometimes involved in the operation. 

For the past 40 years, this non-profit consortium has pursued a community resource development program for the protection and enhancement of the Island's economically important shellfish species i.e., quahogs, bay scallops, and oysters. The program has concentrated on the development and application of innovative aquaculture techniques for the enhancement of public shellfish stocks. 

Funding from a technical assistance grant from the Economic Development Administration of the Department of Commerce launched the project in the late 1970's and a Federal grant from the Office of Coastal Zone Management under the Coastal Energy Impact Program resulted in the construction of the production facility, the nation's first public solar shellfish hatchery, in the early 1980's.


Board Of Directors

Paul Bagnall, President
Edgartown Shellfish Constable

Scott Castro
Edgartown Selectman's Rep.

Danielle Ewart
Tisbury Shellfish Constable

David Merry
West Tisbury Selectman's Rep.

Edouard Begin
Tisbury Selectmen’s Rep.

Dennis Jason
Chilmark Selectman's Rep.

David Grunden, Treasurer/Clerk
Oak Bluffs Shellfish Constable

Mark Landers, Vice President
Oak Bluffs Selectmen’s Rep.

Isaiah Scheffer
Chilmark Shellfish Constable

Ray Gale
West Tisbury Shellfish Constable

Brian Vanderhoop
Aquinnah Shellfish Constable

Julianne Vanderhoop
Aquinnah Selectman


Shellfish Biologist/Director:
Rick Karney 1976 to today

Hatchery Manager:
Amandine Surier 01 to today
Lori Karney 93 to 01
Bethany Starr

Special Project Coordinator: 
Emma Green-Beach 2014 to today

Facilities Manager: 
Chris Edwards 2015 to today

Summer Hatchery Assistants: 
Marcella Andrews 13/14/15
Chris Edwards 11/12/13/14/15
Jon Avery 11
Molly Bangs 11
Ceili Brennan 11
Lucy Guyver 10
Ryan Antolick11
Michael Williams 10
Jake Ganack 10
Chris Edwards 10/11/12/13/14
Boo Bassett 10/11/12/13/14/
Julia LaMana 10
James Bishop 09
Dennis Gazaille 08
Jessica Stern 08
Danielle Ewart 08/09
Elizabeth Mellon 11/12/13/14/15
Emma Green-Beach 10/11
Jessica Kanozak 07/08
Andy LaMana 06/07/08
Brendan Grim 06
Anna Murphy 10/12

Summer Hatchery Assistants: 1988-2005

Tim Huth 05
PJ Woodford 04
Chrysal Woodford 03
Blake Barton 03
Deborah Medders 02
Arik Goff 03
Alex Lawson
Allison 04
Alyssa McDonald 04
Jill Laramee 03
Michael Karney 01/02/03
Carol Karney
Ryan Silva 03
Dawn Hintgen 03
Melissa Hammond 05
Blake Barton 03
Dennis Konary 01
Eric Kipp 01
Angela Madeiras 01
Erick Luening 02
Julia LaMana 06/07
Robert LaMana 05
Mike Patricio
Ray Holmer 00
Melissa Schellhammer 95-97
Patrick Stewart 99
Sean Grealy 99
Elizabeth Scotten 89
Philip Macy 88
Marcus Bradley