“The Water Alliance is the successor to the MV Watershed Team, which began work several years ago on a handbook for watershed landowners. The handbook is intended to guide landowners in protecting the ground and surface waters within the watershed. The creation of the Alliance brought additional human and fi nancial resources to the project and after two years of intensive work The Island Blue Pages will be published. Based on a publication from Puget Sound, the 50- page manual will be distributed to every household on the Vineyard. Our goal is that it will be "kept right next to the telephone book" as a ready reference on everything from ecological lawn care to non-toxic bottom paint for boats - everything the thoughtful watershed landowner needs to know to be a good steward of the many Island watersheds, including Edgartown Great Pond watershed. The Foundation has had a substantial role in creating this publication and we hope everyone will read the Blue Pages and keep it as a reference!”
~ Bob Woodruff, Director of Science and Education, Great Pond Foundation, 2005