The American Oyster

The Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica, is a crop raised at the MVSG Hatchery and stocked in Tisbury Great Pond (Towns of Chilmark and West Tisbury) as larvae and remote-set juveniles to help augment the naturally occurring population in the pond. Spawning oysters are pictured at right.

Single oyster seed is also produced at the Hatchery for local shellfishers retrained in shellfish aquaculture as part of the Martha's Vineyard Private Aquaculture Initiative in 1995-97 (funded in part by the Fishing Industry Grants program of the National Marine Fisheries Service). This program assisted fishers impacted by fishing closures with a comrehensive aquaculture education and retaining program. The oysters pictured at right were raised by Jack Blake, a long time Vineyard shellfisher turned aquaculturist.