March 1, 2009- It's On!

The roof is still leaking, especially after this heavy rain, despite our numerous attempts to fix it. 

Plat P is still refusing to get out of its stalked phase and I have to rely on T-chuii solely for green. A case of Epizym is coming in the mail. I took Gary Wickfors advice and started growing T-chuii on F instead of F/2. It helped a lot, thank you, algae guru.

I fixed the broken Kalwalls with Marine-Tex, they will hold for at least another season. 

The old green-house fan, that died in a very dramatic manner last summer,  has been replaced with much help from Isaiah Scheffer, Chilmark Shellfish Constable and Propagation Agent. It looks very shinny and new against the vintage patina of the rest of the building. 

The season's preparations are coming along nicely. The quahog broodstock are enjoying their spa treatment. Spawning is scheduled around April 15th.