July 15, 2011- The Last of the Quahogs Leave the Nest

It was a gorgeous cool day today. Hatchery assistant Molly Bangs got to Chappy early to bag the last of the quahog seed to give away to Aquinnah shellfish constable Chip Vanderhoop. 

They had grown quite a bit. They already had their colors and markings, brown stripes or white with a bit of purple.  

Chip also picked up 200 bundles of scallops, the last of the first batch. The second batch of scallops is big enough to leave for the field, distribution will start shortly. 

The 2 days old oyster larvae were already feeding up in the conicals. They looked mauve in the sieve today during their first drain down, a typical color for early oyster larvae. Soon they will turn brown, then jet black right before setting. There are still 30 million of them.