January 26, 2011- News from Africa: Successful Spawn in Zanzibar

Good news! Rick had a really fantastic spawning of Anandara, 22+ million fertilized eggs from 6 females and he thinks 7 males. 

The bad news There is no salt water!. He didn't even have enough to count a final bucket of eggs. The high tide was this morning but because it was rough, they pumped no water. They need to fill at least 2- 400 L but better 3-400L tanks. 

They have some salt water that has been stored in a tank for almost 2 weeks. Rick would never recommend using it, but it's pretty much all they have. They are going to fill two conicals with this water and maybe the last one with water bucketed from the harbor. It's low water, and it 's been windy so the harbor water is pretty black and stinky so he doesn't know how this will be.

January 28

"We drained them today. We got about 22% survival on the conical we filled with water bucketed from the beach and about 11% from the ones with the 2 week old water. Not great but also not bad considering this was the first time and under very difficult circumstances. There are about 4-5million left."