August 15, 22 & 29, 2008- Triploid Scallop Spawn

A worldwide first, triploid scallops were spawn to attempt the creation of a tetraploid broodtock. 

To our surprise, the triploid scallops which looked only mildly developped if at all, spawn very easily without any other incentive than sunshine. 

The eggs came early, clean and plentifull. Only one 3N scallop spawned both as male and female.

The three spawns yielded: 5 million, 15 million,  and 5 million eggs respectively. The eggs were fertilized with diploid sperm from Menemsha Pond broodstock.

The fertilized eggs were treated with 400 µm of 6-DMAP for the first 2 spawns and 300 µm for the last spawn  to induce tetraploidy. Survival was poor.

The small number of surviving scallops were set on flow through downwellers. They will be tested for tetraploidy once they reach juvenile stage.