April 2009- A Slow Start.

Well, what do you know... the quahogs spawned in the bucket 2 days before our scheduled spawn. For those unfamiliar with the inerworkings of a shellfish hatchery, that's a bad thing.

Millions of precious eggs were lost overnight and we were brought back to square one in an instant. 

No worries, there is always plan B. A new broodstock, and back to conditionning. 

So we spawned again, and again and again to get our numbers. And when we decided to spawn one more time to get just a little bit extra, we hit the mother load. 

Got clams? oh yeah. In the hatchery, upstairs, downstairs, in fish boxes, in the zen shack, on chapppy, in the upweller...quahogs, quahogs everywhere. 

Maximum capacity baby.