April 14, 2014- Thank you!

Did everybody have fun? Because I did, and I saw our director dance for the first time in 13 years so my life is now complete. I want to thank everyone that made Saturday night possible, it was an amazing team effort. I would like to start with the opening act, the chowder contest. Thank you to Nathan Gould at the Harborview who won first place with his smoked quahog chowder and black watercress, Josh Aronie at The Food Truck , all The Lucky Hank’s team and Bernie Cormie at Herring Run Kitchens who made not one but two chowders when I told her that some contestants had dropped out at the last minute. You guys are amazingly talented, thanks for supporting us despite your busy schedules. I would like to thank our sponsors, the Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank and Martha’s Vineyard Insurance as well as Bad Martha Beer, the Vineyard Sound Raw Bars and the Boston Beer Co. I would like to thank our volunteers, Liz Baldwin, Neil Helstrom who bar tended all night and insisted on making a donation as well, Chris Jones, Sean Egan, Roxanne Kapitan, Astrid and Lilly Tilton, Dave and Sharry Grunden, our board director Paul Bagnall, Mark Landers who made the gorgeous peep sight, Beau Begin who orchestrated the raw bars, Tom Berry and Tom Engley. Thank you to Roy and Jeremy Scheffer, Jack Blake and Scott Castro for donating the beautiful Katama cultured oysters. A special thank you to our board member Isaiah Scheffer for the wild oysters, the help setting up and the sustained moral support and affirmation that we are doing something important. Thank you to our fantastic staff, Marcella Andrews, Chris Edwards and the amazing Emma Green Beach who went above and beyond, as she always does. Thank you to Rick Karney for trusting that I can do this. Thank you to the band, Johnny Hoy and the Bluefish for making this event unforgettable year after year. Thank you to all who donated to the silent auction, businesses, artists, farmers, writers, chefs... Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank you to all of you who came out to eat, drink, dance, bid and support us and our mission. Finally, thank you to my husband and my son for being patient, I can start cooking dinner again. Now let’s grow some shellfish!